Date of birth: 05.07.2014

HD A, ED 0

MDR1 carrier, HSF4 clear, PRA clear, CEA clear 

She is loved, trained and cared for by Piroi family


 Romanian Junior Champion

Parents Grandparents Strabunici

Bayshore Copy Cat at Stonehaven

Rosemere Dragonfly at Basyhore

Bayshore National Enquirer
Rosemere Tidal Wave
Bayshore on the Cawalk Bayshore Propwash Balderdash
Bayshore Jones New York

Heatherhill Volcano

Heatherhill Whitout a Trace Heatherhill Rebel Justice
Heatherhill Star Jones
Heatherhill Jada de Ville Heatherhill Black-n-Decker
Heatherhill Take a CHance on Me

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